Top 5 useful items to bring for your trips
21 07
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Top 5 useful items to bring for your trips

When packing for a trip, we often forget some small but useful items that can come in handy in ce...

When packing for a trip, we often forget some small but useful items that can come in handy in certain situations. Therefore, this article will help you remember the top 5 items that should be brought when traveling!

To fully enjoy a trip, prepping your luggage is crucial. Besides essential items such as personal belongings, passport, identification, and phone, let's explore the 5 "small but mighty" items that should be included in your luggage!

5 items should be brought along

1. Medicines

Traveling means venturing into different regions. Climate changes can cause mild illnesses or digestive issues as your body needs time to adjust to the weather and local cuisine. To handle unexpected situations, it's advisable to pack some temporary medications such as fever reducers, cold medicine, stomach remedies, and digestive enzymes.

Medications with temporary relief effects is sufficient

For serious conditions like asthma or heart disease, it's mandatory to bring the necessary medications. In regular circumstances, carrying medications with temporary relief effects is sufficient. However, if symptoms persist, seek immediate medical attention at the nearest healthcare facility.

Note that for international travel, consult with a doctor regarding suitable medications and familiarize yourself with regulations on carrying medication in your luggage at the airport.

2. Power Bank 

Bringing a power bank while traveling offers significant advantages. It helps maintain power for mobile devices like phones, tablets, and cameras, preventing disruptions due to battery drainage. 

Keep contacts with power banks

Additionally, a power bank provides convenience as it allows you to charge your devices anywhere without relying on the main power source. This ensures uninterrupted communication during your trip, keeping you connected and alleviating concerns about emergencies caused by low battery.

However, remember that power banks should not be placed in checked luggage at the airport. Therefore, carry your power bank with you in your carry-on luggage.

3. Raincoat or Umbrella 

If you've traveled to places like Sapa or Dalat, you're likely familiar with misty rain or drizzling. Unwanted rain can negatively impact your sightseeing and exploration experience. 

To mitigate such undesirable situations, it's advisable to bring a raincoat or a compact umbrella to be prepared for inclement weather and continue enjoying your destination. However, during extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or strong winds, it's still recommended to seek shelter at your hotel or accommodations for safety.

Umbrella and raincoat can help with unwanted weather condition

4. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is an essential item in our luggage as it helps protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Applying sunscreen daily ensures healthy skin, prevents premature aging, and reduces wrinkles. 

Since the facial skin is the most sensitive, you should bring separate sunscreens for your face and body. If you frequently engage in outdoor activities, choose a sunscreen with a high UV protection factor and reapply every 2-3 hours.

Along with sunscreen, it's also advisable to prepare comprehensive skincare products to address various skin concerns.

Sunscreen is extremely necessary for skin

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5. Wet Bag 

Traveling often involves activities like swimming, and some hotels or accommodations may not provide laundry services. Therefore, it's recommended to proactively pack one or more waterproof bags to store wet or dirty items separately, avoiding any impact on clean clothes when packed together in your suitcase.

However, it's common for travelers to forget to bring a wet bag. Therefore, you can opt for a suitcase with a dedicated wet compartment, which saves time and is convenient for your trip.

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Suitcases with wet bag are convenient

6. Note for International Travel 

When traveling internationally by air, additional regulations on luggage apply. If unintentionally violating any rules with your checked luggage, airport staff have the authority to inspect your suitcase. Therefore, when traveling internationally, carefully read the luggage regulations and consider purchasing a suitcase with a TSA lock for convenience during luggage checks at the airport.

If you're looking for a durable and secure suitcase with a TSA lock, visit the authorized retailers of Hung Phat.

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