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Let's explore with Hung Phat about PC plastic material in suitcase production and answer the ques...

Let's explore with Hung Phat about PC plastic material in suitcase production and answer the question of whether PC plastic suitcases are worth buying!

PC plastic is one of the familiar materials in the production of suitcases around the world besides ABS and PP plastic. In today's article, let's join Hung Phat to learn about the outstanding characteristics of PC plastic material and evaluate the superiority of suitcases made from this material!

1. Learn about PC plastic material in suitcase production

PC plastic is a colorless and transparent amorphous thermoplastic. PC plastic has the English name Polycarbonate, so the abbreviation is PC. Polycarbonate is a synthetic engineering plastic in which polymer units are linked through carbonate groups. Therefore, PC plastic material has relatively good hardness and is also flexible enough to withstand large forces.

PC plastic pellets in the production of plastic items

Because of its high stability, PC plastic is often used in the production of aluminum frame suitcases with 100% pure PC plastic material. In addition, because this material can withstand strong impacts and has perfect gloss, PC plastic is also used to cover other materials to create a luxurious glossy surface.

In suitcase production, PC plastic is used to cover the ABS plastic layer on the suitcase's surface, creating ABS-PC material that is more durable and more aesthetically pleasing than pure ABS plastic material.

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2. Is a PC plastic suitcase worth buying?

PC plastic is often used to produce aluminum frame suitcases because of its perfect hardness. PC plastic suitcases often bring a trendy and modern look, suitable for those who love elegant, luxurious and powerful style.

PC aluminum frame suitcases are usually slightly more expensive than suitcases that use zippers. However, it is worth investing in a suitcase that is super durable, tear-proof and excellently water-resistant.

A PC aluminum frame suitcase is the perfect choice for businessmen on business trips and is a durable, long-term companion for those who are passionate about traveling and often travel here and there.

Finally, to answer the question "Is a PC plastic suitcase worth buying", the answer is absolutely WORTH IT! Because PC plastic is the wonderful durable material behind trendy luxury aluminum frame suitcases. With a PC suitcase by your side, you can assert your own fashion style to the world in a powerful and sophisticated way.

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3. Hung Phat PC aluminum frame suitcase - Reliable choice for every trip

Hung Phat is proud to be a pioneer suitcase manufacturer in Vietnam with nearly 2 decades of extensive experience in the luggage market. Hung Phat's PC aluminum frame suitcase is proud to be one of the key products with high quality, affirming the many years of reputation of Hung Phat suitcase manufacturer.

3.1. Why is Hung Phat a reliable address for manufacturing aluminum frame suitcases?

  • Extensive experience in suitcase production: Hung Phat has spent more than 17 years continuously developing and flexibly adapting to the rapid changes in the luggage market. Therefore, with extensive experience in manufacturing suitcases, Hung Phat is committed to providing customers with the highest quality and most secure aluminum frame suitcase products on the market.
  • Modern facilities, autonomy up to 90%: Hung Phat owns a series of modern production machines with 8 separate production lines for plastic suitcases, fabric suitcases, aluminum frame suitcases and all kinds of luggage accessories.
  • Team of skilled workers: The key factor that makes a strong business is "people". Hung Phat, with its strong reputation, has attracted a team of skilled employees who are always enthusiastic and dedicated to their work. Therefore, customers can be completely assured about the processing quality of each product from Hung Phat

Hung Phat's modern suitcase production line

3.2. Introducing some of the most popular aluminum frame suitcase models at Hung Phat.

- Hung Phat 6001 aluminum frame suitcase: This is the first popular segment aluminum frame suitcase model produced entirely in Vietnam from Hung Phat's factory. Hung Phat 6001 Aluminum Frame Suitcase is made from PC-coated ABS plastic material that is quite durable and scratch-resistant. In particular, the suitcase is fixed with metal panels on the 2 corners of the suitcase to create stability and impact resistance, combined with a sturdy aluminum frame to prevent theft, anti-slashing and a high-security 3-digit lock.

Hung Phat 6001 popular segment aluminum frame suitcase

- TravelKing 8003 aluminum frame suitcase: TravelKing 8003 Aluminum Frame Suitcase is part of Hung Phat's TravelKing Suitcase collection with a modern, luxurious design. Made from 100% high-quality and durable PC (Polycarbonate) plastic, combined with a sturdy, anti-slash and anti-theft aluminum frame.

Aluminum frame suitcase 8003 - Classy luxury

- TravelKing 805 aluminum frame suitcase: The TravelKing 805 suitcase line has a trendy appearance made from 100% high-quality PC plastic, with excellent elasticity and strength. In particular, the TravelKing 805 suitcase is equipped with a smart hanger to help increase capacity and a TSA digital lock that meets US standards.

Travelking 805 aluminum frame suitcase - Elegant

- Travelking 8082 aluminum frame suitcase: Launched specifically for short business trips, the Travelking 8082 suitcase is designed in a modern and luxurious style. Dressed in durable, break-resistant 100% PC plastic with many outstanding features: Quick access compartment for laptop, integrated USB charging port, hanger, water bottle compartment, modern pull handle . Travelking KN 8082 suitcase is worthy of modern businessmen.

Travelking 8082 aluminum frame suitcase

- Travelking 8081 aluminum frame suitcase: The TravelKing 8001 suitcase line is inspired by the elegance of successful businessmen. The product is finished with 100% high-quality PC plastic, achieving outstanding elasticity and strength. In particular, TravelKing 8081 stands out with its quick access compartment design and TSA digital lock that meets US standards. With useful features: 360-degree rotating wheels, divided interior, customizable handles - TravelKing 8081 suitcase confidently carries the nuance of success.

Businessman suitcase aluminum frameTravelKing 8081

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