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Learn about ABS plastic material in suitcase production, evaluate the features and suitability of...

Learn about ABS plastic material in suitcase production, evaluate the features and suitability of ABS plastic suitcases, explore diverse ABS plastic suitcase models at Hung Phat.

ABS plastic suitcases are becoming increasingly popular in the luggage world, but are they worth buying? Let's learn about this material, its superior features and consider whether ABS plastic suitcases are right for you or not. The article below will help you have a clearer view of ABS plastic suitcases and why they may be a choice worth considering.

1. General introduction to ABS plastic material

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a type of plastic commonly used in the production of suitcases. This is a synthetic plastic with outstanding features of strength, durability, and relatively good impact resistance. This makes ABS an ideal material in luggage production.

ABS plastic beads

2. Compare ABS plastic with PC and PP plastic materials in suitcase production

In addition to ABS, PC and PP plastic are also two familiar materials in suitcase production. When shopping, you may be wondering which material is best for you. In general, ABS plastic, PC, PP are all highly durable and each type of plastic has a unique characteristic suitable to the diverse needs of users.

  • About the price:ABS plastic suitcases have a lower price than PC and PP. ABS plastic material is relatively cheap and is often used in the production of popular suitcases to help save maximum costs for users.
  • About weight: ABS plastic suitcases often have a higher weight than PC and PP, but if you compare 3 suitcases of the same size, the weight difference is not too significant. Therefore, you can confidently choose ABS plastic suitcases without worrying too much about the weight when used.
  • About durability: ABS plastic suitcases have relatively good durability, but are not as flexible as suitcases made of PC and PP materials. However, assessing the level of durability depends on many factors such as how to preserve it, frequency of use and location of movement.

If you take good care of your suitcase, move it moderately and are passionate about domestic travel, then an ABS plastic suitcase is a smart choice because of its guaranteed quality within its price range.

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ABS plastic suitcase is a great choice for your trip

3. Who is ABS plastic suitcase suitable for?

ABS plastic suitcases can be suitable for all users. However, to best meet the needs of use and ensure the longest lasting relationship with users, Hung Phat would like to suggest to you the subjects that may be most suitable for the suitcase line using ABS plastic material.

3.1. Student

Students are the age group where most young people still have to depend more or less on their families and are not economically independent, so their spending level will be somewhat narrower than that of working people. Therefore, when choosing a suitcase, young people will tend to look for the product that best meets their luggage needs with a youthful design suitable for their age.

ABS suitcases are very suitable for students

Some of Hung Phat's suitcase brands that are most favored by students include UZO and Startup.

3.2. People who frequently travel domestically.

ABS plastic suitcases usually have average durability, so they are very suitable for near or domestic travel experiences. With not too much travel frequency and moderate impact, ABS plastic suitcases will be very suitable for cross-Vietnam backpacking trips.

Can I use ABS plastic suitcases for international travel? The answer is yes. However, ABS plastic suitcase models are often not equipped with TSA locks, so it will not be very convenient for you when traveling internationally. When traveling or working abroad, a premium PC or PP suitcase will probably be a better choice for you.

4. Is an ABS plastic suitcase worth buying?

In terms of strengths, ABS plastic suitcases have the most favorable price compared to PC and PP plastic in the luggage industry. Besides the guaranteed quality and relative durability, if you buy a genuine suitcase with a clear origin, you won't need to worry too much about the quality of the product.

Regarding disadvantages, ABS plastic suitcases are not as durable as PC and PP. However, if you know how to preserve and clean the suitcase regularly and the frequency of travel is not too thick, ABS plastic suitcases can be considered as having no minus points.

Depending on your needs and economic conditions, you can choose a corresponding model of ABS plastic suitcase. With outstanding features that are not inferior to PC and PP materials and a "cheap" price, ABS plastic suitcases are a product that should be in every Vietnamese family.

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ABS plastic suitcases are a reliable choice for all traveling experiences

5. Outstanding ABS plastic suitcase models at Hung Phat

5.1. Vali UZO 221

This product is made from scratch-resistant ABS plastic material.UZO 221 plastic suitcase Has good bearing capacity, ready to challenge any impact.

Special,UZO 221 plastic suitcase Possesses an expanded zipper design that increases luggage capacity by up to 25%. With smart hangers on the outside of the suitcase, customers can freely carry everything they need for every journey.

>> Details: UZO 221 suitcase comes from Hung Phat

Vali UZO 221

5.2. Vali UZO 222

UZO 222 plastic suitcase is inspired by the freshness and brilliance of summer sunshine, the collection possesses 6 trendy and fashionable colors. The product is highly appreciated for its quality as it is made from ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) with an outstanding scratch-resistant textured design, ready to challenge all impacts.

The product also includes outstanding features: Customizable handles, 360-degree rotating wheels, Number 3 lock for increased security, and luxurious interior. UZO 222 plastic suitcase is always the perfect choice for this summer trip.

>> Details:UZO 222 suitcase comes from Hung Phat

Vali UZO 222

5.3. Vali Startup 516

STARTUP 516 plastic suitcase has a compact design, ABS plastic material with eye-catching diagonal lines combined with scratch-resistant grain, bringing elegant and luxurious beauty while minimizing collisions during travel. . Along with useful features: High security 3-digit lock, 360-degree rotating wheels, 2 large storage compartments, STARTUP 516 plastic suitcase deserves to be a customer's soulmate on every path of discovery.

>> Details: Hung Phat's Startup 516 suitcase

Vali Startup 516


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