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21 08
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Hung Phat x D.A.M by Vo Hoang Yen - "Call Out My Name" Fashion Show - A Resounding Success

With the sponsorship of Hung Phat, the "Call Out My Name" fashion show by D.A.M, featuring Vo Hoa...

With the sponsorship of Hung Phat, the "Call Out My Name" fashion show by D.A.M, featuring Vo Hoang Yen, exceeded all expectations.

Representing Hung Phat as the silver sponsor and with a sincere invitation from supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, the brand had the privilege of being present at the event held at Chloe Gallery in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, showcasing the sponsored suitcase products.

Hung Phat's Collaboration with the "Call Out My Name" Fashion Show

The appearance of Silver Sponsor Hung Phat JSC

The much-anticipated Call Out My Name fashion event was a night of splendor featuring prominent supermodels like Mau Thuy, Huong Ly, Ngoc Chau, Minh Tu, Hoang Thuy... along with special guests from the entertainment industry and Hung Phat's representative. It was an explosive display of fashion with an esteemed lineup.

Hung Phat's journey alongside Vo Hoang Yen began from the early preparation days of the show. The Hung Phat team closely followed and contributed to the countdown, ensuring the best-suited sponsored suitcase products were ready for the show.

The proud appearance of Hung Phat at the show

Travelking Aluminum Frame Suitcase's Presence with DAM by Vo Hoang Yen

As a partner of the renowned fashion brand D.A.M by Vo Hoang Yen, Hung Phat's premium Travelking aluminum frame suitcase collection was showcased.

The premium suitcase brand Travelking accompanying Vo Hoang Yen

During this event, the Travelking aluminum frame suitcase made a strong impression on the participants and stood proudly alongside the program's guests.

With its elegant and contemporary aluminum frame design, Hung Phat's Travelking suitcase was a perfect choice for the Call Out My Name fashion show, aligning with the DAM by Vo Hoang Yen brand.

The special participation of Hung Phat's representative and the Travelking suitcase line in the Call Out My Name fashion show marked a significant step in the brand's evolution into the grand fashion arena, asserting its well-deserved position in the Vietnamese fashion industry.

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Media Frenzy and Positive Audience Response

The show reached more than 100 million views on Tik Tok

The successful show received a flurry of positive accolades from the audience across various media outlets. The presence of DAM by Vo Hoang Yen's products, coupled with the Travelking suitcase, contributed to a powerful message of empowerment and personality for women worldwide.

The enthusiastic audience response serves as motivation for Hung Phat to further elevate its position in the Vietnamese fashion landscape. Notably, the Travelking collection left a remarkable impression not only on supermodel Vo Hoang Yen but also on the distinguished guests attending the show.

The Significance and Success of the Fashion Show

The event brought monumental achievements for both Hung Phat and Vo Hoang Yen. For Hung Phat, participation in the event showcased its vision and creative spirit in asserting its place in the Vietnamese fashion industry. For Vo Hoang Yen, the show's success was a significant step in conveying the value of her fashion projects.

The show was successfully held

The "Call Out My Name" fashion show's dazzling success demonstrated its impactful influence on the fashion industry. Hung Phat's special involvement and sponsorship symbolized the connection between brands and a spirit of breakthrough creativity.

Certainly, this won't be the only time these two brands collaborate harmoniously. With the resounding success of this event, it's certain that Hung Phat and supermodel Vo Hoang Yen will bring more spectacular collaborations in the future.

Finally, let's take a look back at the unforgettable moments of the radiant "Call Out My Name" fashion show by DAM by Vo Hoang Yen, sponsored by Hung Phat!

Hung Phat representatives on red carpet

Hung Phat representative received flower from supermodel Vo Hoang Yen

Supermodel Vo Hoang Yen and her muses of the show

Famous model Minh Tu’s walk on the runway in DAM clothes

Mau Thuy supermodel shone at the show

The Face Vietnam 2023 First Runner-Up

Couple mentor of The Face Vietnam 2023 Minh Trieu & Ky Duyen

Vu Thu Phuong team from The Face Vietnam 2023

Anh Thu team from The Face Vietnam 2023

With the attendance of many celebrities 


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