Hung Phat Aluminum Frame Suitcase 6001 - The Distinctive Appeal
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Hung Phat Aluminum Frame Suitcase 6001 - The Distinctive Appeal

Hung Phat's Aluminum Frame Suitcase Collection in the affordable segment, the 6001 model, is sure...

Hung Phat's Aluminum Frame Suitcase Collection in the affordable segment, the 6001 model, is sure to surprise you with its outstanding features and advantages.

Launched in the second half of August, Hung Phat's Aluminum Frame Suitcase model 6001 has made a strong impression on customers and become a shining star in the Vietnamese luggage market. Let's join Hung Phat to explore the outstanding features of this suitcase model and compare it with other popular suitcase lines currently available in the market in the following article!

Hung Phat Aluminum Frame Suitcase 6001

1. Outstanding features

1.1. Exterior design

Hung Phat's Aluminum Frame Suitcase model 6001 stands out as one of the most exceptional mainstream suitcase models in the market due to its sophisticated and meticulously designed exterior.

  • Aluminum Frame: Crafted by the most advanced aluminum frame suitcase production line in Vietnam, Hung Phat's 6001 suitcase exudes a luxurious and sophisticated charm with its sturdy and robust aluminum frame.
  • Corner Protectors and Dual Handles: A standout feature of the exterior design comes from the robust corner protectors and meticulously crafted rivets, enhancing the durability and resilience of Hung Phat's 6001 suitcase against impacts and challenges. Additionally, the dual standing and horizontal handles, along with the 4 side studs, provide convenience for placing the suitcase horizontally without worrying about friction on the plastic surface against the floor.
  • Telescopic Handle: The telescopic handle of Hung Phat's 6001 aluminum frame suitcase is crafted from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, ensuring robustness, excellent load-bearing capacity, and convenience. It features a two-level height adjustment mechanism for smooth and effortless extension and retraction.
  • Smart Hook: The convenient hook with high load-bearing capacity allows you to hang an extra bag without the need for manual carrying.
  • Wheels: The set of four 360-degree rotating wheels on Hung Phat's 6001 aluminum frame suitcase enables smooth and flexible movement across all types of terrains.
  • Security Lock: All aluminum frame suitcase models by Hung Phat come equipped with a dual set of 3-digit combination locks for ultimate security, ensuring the safekeeping of your belongings during travel.

Premium accessory set of the Aluminum Frame Suitcase 6001.

1.2. Interior design

When you purchase the suitcase, upon first opening it, you will find an official warranty card from Hung Phat along with instructions on how to set the password for the suitcase and a moisture-absorbing bag to protect the interior from mold and odors.

Vali Hung Phat 6001 features an incredibly convenient interior design with one side having a zippered compartment with a mesh pocket and the other side equipped with an X-shaped strap to secure your belongings. The interior is lined with durable and thick polyester fabric to maximize the preservation of your items within the suitcase.

Convenient Interior of Hung Phat 6001 Aluminum Frame Suitcase

2. Comparing Hung Phat 6001 aluminum frame suitcase with other popular aluminum frame suitcases on the market.

Currently, the market is flooded with a plethora of aluminum frame suitcases that often share similar designs and appearances. This saturation makes it challenging for customers to distinguish between genuine, high-quality products and those of lesser quality.

What sets Hung Phat's 6001 Aluminum Frame Suitcase apart from the competition? Let's delve into some practical comparisons offered by Hung Phat to ensure you don't end up with a subpar product.

2.1 Origin

Hung Phat's 6001 Aluminum Frame Suitcase belongs to the budget luggage segment and is entirely manufactured in Vietnam using state-of-the-art production facilities. This ensures the product's quality and cost-effectiveness for customers.

Suitcases with unclear origins are often mass-imported in large quantities and sold indiscriminately in the market without labels or tags, and their quality tends to be subpar.

2.2. Aluminum Frame

  • The Hung Phat 6001 Aluminum Frame Suitcase is thick, sturdy, perfectly aligned, and capable of withstanding any impact.
  • On the other hand, generic suitcases often have weak frames and thin materials that are prone to warping even with minor impacts.

2.3. Plastic surfaces

  • The Hung Phat 6001 Aluminum Frame Suitcase features a durable ABS plastic coated with PC (a top-quality resilient plastic material), making it highly resistant and durable against impacts. Additionally, the textured surface of the ABS plastic provides a balanced sheen and excellent scratch resistance.
  • Conversely, generic suitcases often have thin and weak plastic surfaces. The grooved texture on these surfaces tends to accumulate dirt and is challenging to clean, leading to poor aesthetics.

2.4. Warranty

  • The Hung Phat 6001 Aluminum Frame Suitcase comes with a genuine 2-year warranty on its main components. If any issues or damages occur within the warranty period, you can contact the selling store to arrange for repairs or replacements.
  • On the other hand, generic aluminum frame suitcases often lack clear origins, leading to a complete absence of warranty. When problems or damages arise with these suitcases, the only solution is to purchase a new suitcase as a replacement.

2.5. Pulling handle

  • The Hung Phat 6001 Aluminum Frame Suitcase features an aluminum alloy telescopic handle with two adjustable heights for smooth and seamless pulling. The aluminum alloy material is highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring durability over time.
  • Conversely, generic aluminum frame suitcases often come with iron telescopic handles that are fragile, prone to breaking, misalignment, and rusting. After some use, these handles can become stiff and difficult to extend or retract.

2.6. Garment hook

  • Hung Phat's garment hanging hook is robust and carefully crafted, allowing it to support heavy clothing items without any issues.
  • In contrast, the garment hanging hook of generic brands is made from synthetic plastic, making it fragile and prone to breaking, rendering it unsuitable for hanging heavy garments.

2.7. Rivets

  • Hung Phat's aluminum frame rivets are made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion, and they are meticulously crafted to securely attach to the frame.
  • On the other hand, the rivets used by generic brands are made from iron, which is prone to rusting, and their poor craftsmanship can lead to warping and bending.

2.8. X - belt

  • Hung Phat 6001's X-strap is thick and sturdy with robust plastic buckles.
  • Conversely, the X-strap of generic brands is thin and fragile, prone to fraying, and their plastic buckles are flimsy.

In summary, Hung Phat 6001 aluminum frame suitcase completely outshines the generic aluminum frame suitcases on the market. Be a savvy consumer by choosing the Hung Phat 6001 aluminum frame suitcase, as it will save you a lot more in costs compared to purchasing low-quality generic options available in the market.

3. Why should you trust and choose to purchase products from Hung Phat?

  • Made in Vietnam: Hung Phat's aluminum frame suitcases are proudly made in Vietnam, boasting high-quality production facilities. The products not only meet international standards but also showcase the pride of Vietnamese origin and creativity.
  • Clear Warranty: Hung Phat ensures maximum peace of mind for customers through a clear and straightforward warranty policy, along with a quick and efficient resolution process.
  • Years of Reputation: With over 17 years leading the luggage manufacturing industry in Vietnam, Hung Phat has established a strong and reliable presence in both the domestic and international markets. Customers place their trust not only in the product quality but also in the commitments and values that the Hung Phat brand represents. The continuous efforts to improve product quality have made Hung Phat a top choice for many.
  • Superior Product Quality: Hung Phat consistently prioritizes product quality. Every item undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet the highest standards. From selecting raw materials to the manufacturing process, from quality inspections to final quality management, every step is carried out with dedication and professionalism. Therefore, Hung Phat's aluminum frame suitcases are not just ordinary products but also a reflection of the manufacturer's dedication and appreciation for customers.

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