How to choose to buy a travel suitcase for a summer trip?
08 06
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How to choose to buy a travel suitcase for a summer trip?

Meta: Are you planning a summer trip but don't know how to choose the right suitcase? Join Hung P...

Meta: Are you planning a summer trip but don't know how to choose the right suitcase? Join Hung Phat to refer to the article below.

Summer has officially started, surely you have planned for the whole family? Love to travel but do you really know how to choose the right travel suitcase? This article will share with you simple tips to be able to choose to buy a cheap travel suitcase that still has quality and beautiful design!

Cách chọn mua vali du lịch cho chuyến vi vu mùa hè
1. Travel suitcase material

In terms of materials, travel suitcases include 2 types: Soft suitcase and hard suitcase. Depending on your needs and purposes choose the most suitable travel suitcase.

  • If you want to choose a durable and sturdy suitcase: You should choose a suitcase with good elasticity, resistance to breaking and cracking, and easy cleaning after use. Hung Phat's TravelKing suitcase product line is outstanding with strong impact resistance, anti-cracking. Some products have high-grade aluminum frame designs, anti-scratch, anti-rust.
  • If you want to choose a suitcase with a good capacity: You can choose a suitcase with an extended compartment design to increase the storage capacity. Try to refer to Hung Phat canvas suitcases with an expanded zipper design, which increases the capacity by up to 25%, thereby holding more belongings.

2. Travel suitcase size

A suitcase that is too small or too large makes the trip heavy. So when traveling, what size suitcase should you choose?

  • If the trip lasts from 1-3 days: You can choose a suitcase with a size of 20 inches. This size is carried on board, no check-in is required.
  • If the trip lasts from 5-7 days: a 24-inch suitcase helps you carry more luggage. However, a suitcase size 24 will have to be checked in.
  • If the trip is from 10-14 days: The 28-inch suitcase is the most suitable choice for comfortably storing things for the whole family. Like the size 24 suitcase, the size 28 suitcase also has to be checked in.

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3. Wheel of travel suitcase
Do not forget to check the portability of a suitcase. If the structure does not match the material or design of the suitcase, the wheels are easy to break or break when carrying heavy items.
Suitcase wheels need to meet the following criteria:


  • Can move flexibly, rotate 360 degrees flexibly

  • The material of the wheel structure is durable, and smooth when moving on various terrains

You should choose a suitcase with 4 wheels because of its ability to balance and move, easily pull and push the suitcase thanks to the sturdy wheel hub. The 4-wheel suitcase can be rotated flexibly 360 degrees, not getting stuck or stuck when fully loaded.

4. Travel suitcase handle

When buying a travel suitcase, you should consider choosing a line with a sturdy, flexible handle. A good suitcase will have a pull handle made of lightweight, sturdy high-grade stainless steel or aluminum alloy.

Thanks to that, during the move, you can easily lift and lower with the steps on the pull handle without having to stoop or carry the suitcase yourself. With this criterion, you can choose a suitcase product from Hung Phat because it has a shiny aluminum alloy handle, anti-rust. The lifting arm pulls up/down conveniently, users can easily adjust according to their body shape.

vali-keo-hung-phat5. Suitcase lock

On the market today, the lines of suitcases use two types of locks, including TSA lock and digital lock.

  • The TSA lock (short for the Transportation Security Administration of America) is the most secure type. You can only unlock using a password or a special key.

Using a TSA lock is very beneficial when traveling at an international airport. At that time, the security staff can check your luggage easily without cutting the lock or breaking the suitcase
How to use the TSA key is quite simple, you can refer here.

  • The digital lock is quite popular, with 3 additional rows of codes integrated. The digital lock has good security, not easy to crack.

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6. Price of travel suitcase

Is the price of travel suitcases something you really care about? Currently, on the market, the price of travel suitcases ranges from a few hundred thousand dong to tens of millions of dong.
Consider the purpose, budget, and frequency of use to choose the right travel suitcase.

  • If you like colors, don't need to be too durable, have short-term use, and travel only about 1-2 times/year, you can choose cheap suitcases, only about 300-500 thousand. Hung Phat's Uzo suitcase is a popular product line but always takes quality as the core. You can refer to it here.

  • If you often travel long distances, long-term requirements, you should "invest" in buying a mid-range or high-class suitcase.

7. What brand of suitcase to buy?

Brand travel suitcase is the last criterion to consider when preparing to travel. If you want a cheap suitcase but ensure quality, reputable brand, then choose HUNG PHAT right away.

Hung Phat Joint Stock Company with a network of more than 1500 points of sale nationwide, trading more than 100,000 products will help you easily choose the product you like.

Don't miss the next posts of HUNG PHAT for more useful travel tips.

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