Al alloy frame + PC 206 Hard suitcase, 4 wheels trolley - Set 2 PCS

Vendor: TravelKing Status: In stock

Type: Alluminum alloy frame

Size: 20inc / 24 inc

 Material: 100% PP - Warranty for Life

 Double TSA Lock

Wheel: 360* double wheel

What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that contains carbon. This plastic is unique as it is lighter than most aluminum luggage, is scratch resistant, and is less likely to crack during travel.

This type of plastic is used for a wide variety of applications including electronic components, construction, and even aircraft components.

Polycarbonate is known to be very durable. It is tested and designed to be temperature resistant, impact resistant, and scratch resistant. It is available in many colors including a transparent option.

Although you don’t want everyone seeing what you have, and it will still run through an x-ray machine at the airport, the transparent option will reduce any suspicion through security lines at the airport.

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