8007 - TravelKing PC suitcase, 4 wheels trolley

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1. Product description
Travelking 8007 makes a strong impression on customers by its luxury design and its materials with 100% extremely durable PC plastic
Especially, Travelking 8007 is equipped with a smart hanger helping extend the capacity and a TSA shut-frame meeting the U.S standard.

Including salient features such as: 360-degree double trolleys, interior divider, isolated wet bag, trendy handle… Travelking 8007 exudes an elegant and up-to-date beauty.

Luxury design of Travelking 8007

2. Specification


20 inch 






PC (Polycarbonate )






4 years

3. Outstanding features

100% PC plastic material

100% extremely enduring PC material, resistance to strong impacts, minimal styles with 2 colors.

Smart hanger

Hang more luggage without handing

High security with TSA code lock

The Invisible zipper meets the international standard of luggage security. 

Convenient 360 degree double wheels

The trolley can be against noise and moved on any terrain

Multi-function compartments

Extensive interior with isolated wet bag and X belt helps organize luggage well.

Trendy handle

Up-to-date designed aluminum alloy handle, rustproof and handy with 2 height levels. 

4. Why should you choose Hung Phat products?


Hung Phat Joint Stock Company is one of the pioneers that is capable of freedom in the Vietnamese suitcase manufacturing industry. The company operates mainly in the field of manufacturing and distributing suitcases, backpacks, tool bags, tools, travel bags, luggage bags. Besides, Hung Phat also expanded the production of molds, labels, handles, suitcase wheels and plastic accessories for backpacks as well as suitcases

Hung Phat suitcase factory

Today, Hung Phat scaled up with over 15000m² factory area, 06 assembly lines (in which the plastic finish has 03 lines, 01 aluminum frame line, 01 fabric suitcase line, 01 backpack sewing line) and a team of 500 professional staff. Accompanied with over 1500 retail units nationwide and more than 100,000 suitcases produced monthly; Hung Phat have millions of customers across the country. Up to now, Hung Phat's products have been exported to 6 countries: Japan, USA, UK, India, Malaysia, Korea.

More than 16 years of building and developing, we always consider "Creating Vietnamese values" as our guideline. Up to now, Hung Phat has achieved certain successes and  won many prestigious awards such as:"Product Gold Cup", "High Quality Brand" (2018), "Trustworthy Brand, Quality Products, Dedicated Service" and "Excellent Entrepreneur Face" (2019)...


The leading manufacturer of suitcases, backpacks, travel bags in Vietnam.

- Receive orders for large quantities: Suitcases, Backpacks, Tow bags as gifts for businesses, officials, organizations - individuals
- Produce travel suitcases in bulk with available designs or customize upon request
- Design, print, embroider logo according to requirements with our commitment to quality and progress


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