8082 PC Hard suitcase, 4 wheels trolley - Set 2 PCS

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The TravelKing 8082 Aluminum Frame suitcase has been introduced with a specific focus on accommodating short business trips. The design of the suitcase is characterized by a contemporary and opulent style. The product is coated with a resilient and unbreakable polycarbonate plastic material that possesses numerous exceptional attributes.

The quick-access compartment is designed for expedient laptop access, a built-in USB charging port, a hanger, a water bottle holder, and a contemporary pull handle. TravelKing 8082 is a suitable option for modern businessmen.


- 100% PC plastic material, shatterproof, durable
- Quick access compartment to separate laptop and documents
- Built-in USB charging port and internal backup battery compartment
- Convenient side hanger
- High-security US standard TSA number lock
- Smart water bottle holder
- Modern, sturdy, hot trend design 2023




Hung Phat Joint Stock Company is a leading enterprise in Vietnam that has demonstrated self-sufficiency in the production of suitcases. The organization primarily engages in the production and dissemination of suitcases, backpacks, tool bags, travel bags, and luggage bags. Furthermore, Hung Phat has extended manufacturing capabilities to include the production of labels, handles, suitcase wheels, and plastic accessories for backpacks and suitcases. 

Hung Phat has undergone expansion and currently possesses a factory area exceeding 15000m², housing 06 production and assembly lines. These lines consist of 03 plastic finishing lines, 01 aluminum frame line, 01 fabric suitcase line, and 01 backpack sewing line. The company is supported by a team of over 500 skilled professionals. Hung Phat's extensive network of over 1500 points of sale throughout the nation has facilitated the production and distribution of over 100,000 suitcase products, which have been utilized by countless customers across the country. Thus far, the products of Hung Phat have been exported to 06 nations, namely Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, and Korea.

Hung Phat has been in operation for over 16 years and has consistently adhered to the principle of "Creating Vietnamese Values." As a result, the company has received numerous accolades, including the “Golden Cup Products” award, the "High-Quality Brands" award in 2018, and the "Reliable Brands, Quality Products, Dedicated Services" and "Excellent Entrepreneurial Faces" awards in 2019.


Prestigious Vietnamese suitcase, backpack, and bag manufacturer.
- Receive orders for large quantities: Suitcases, Backpacks, Duffle Bags, gifts for businesses, organizations and individuals
- Produce travel suitcases in bulk with available designs or customized
- Design, print, embroider logo according to requirements, commitment to quality and progress.

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-  Email: cskh@hungphat-jsc.com
- OEM/ ODM: +84866908228

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